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With top news on our products, our company and technology trends. The press center is designed to support your daily work by providing fast and easy access to press articles. If you want to subscribe to our press mailing list please fill in the form Registration Service, our top news is then directly delivered into your inbox.

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Latest Press Releases


ams introduces cost-saving system management reference design for lithium pedelec/e-bike batteries

Blueprint for controllerless balancing and voltage monitoring shows how to reduce component count and BoM cost while providing essential safety functions

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World’s first stand-alone NFC microSD card certified for Visa and MasterCard mobile payments uses AS3922 from ams

DeviceFidelity CredenSE NFC microSD with integrated NFC antenna leverages ams Active Boost technology to achieve global certification

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Highly reliable position sensor IC from ams provides accurate position data for latest active chassis control systems

Very low failure rate of AS5162 helps automotive customers achieve compliance with ISO26262 functional safety standard

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