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  • AS3911 NFC/HF Reader IC_Beethoven Kit

    AS3911용 NCI 개발 킷

    ams, NFC 개발 킷 및 인터페이스 소프트웨어 스택 출시 Learn more »
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    us @

    At booth 717 we present our demos from the fields of battery management, magnetic position sensors as well as customized products like hands-on-steering wheel, etc.! Learn more »
  • ams @ Embedded Design Show

    Come to booth J14 and learn more about our new “AS5X47 series” position sensors with DAEC™ (Dynamic Angle Error Compensation)! Learn more »
  • 초정밀 배터리 센서

    ams 초정밀 센서 인터페이스, BMW 전기차 BMS에 탑재 Learn more »