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Here you can find ams’ announcements.


New ams current-sensing solution for battery management systems needs no shunt resistor

Design breakthrough achieves accurate, linear current measurement up to 100A by monitoring voltage drop across a PCB’s copper track

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ams, 전기자전거 리튬이온 배터리용 비용 절감형 시스템 관리 레퍼런스 디자인 발표

Blueprint for controllerless balancing and voltage monitoring shows how to reduce component count and BoM cost while providing essential safety functions

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ams AS3922, 비자와 마스터카드 모바일 결제 인증용 세계 최초의 독립형 NFC 마이크로SD카드 채택돼

NFC 안테나를 집적한 디바이스피델리티 CredenSE NFC 마이크로SD 카드, ams의 능동 부스트 기술을 적용해 글로벌 인증 받아

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ams의 고신뢰도 위치 센서 IC, 최신 능동형 섀시 제어 시스템에 정밀한 위치 데이터 제공

자동차 고객사가 ISO26262 기능성 안전 표준을 준수하도록 돕는 최저 실패율의 AS5162

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ams schedules multi-project wafer starts for analog foundry customers in 2014

Multi-project prototyping service offers large cost savings as manufacturing costs are shared between multiple users

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ams Marathon Crew trainiert mit Top-Läufern aus dem Team der Vorjahrssieger von „run2gether“ 

Die Teilnahme am Graz Marathon ist eine langjährige Firmentradition bei ams, an dem auch dieses Jahr mehr als 16% der Belegschaft der Firmenzentrale teilnehmen.

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Opto-Sensor names ams as its leading supplier

Within the Greater China region, Opto-Sensor is a valuable contributor of ams' distribution revenue.

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