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ams는 아래와 같은 무역박람회, 세미나, 이벤트에서 만나볼 수 있습니다.

2014/10/21 - 2014/10/22 Detroid, United States of America

SAE 2014 Convergence

SAE Convergence brings together technology leaders from across the globe to address the impact of electronics systems and the issues critical to mobility electronics implementation.

2014/10/21 - 2014/10/23 Munich, Germany

eCarTec Munich

eCarTec Munich is the worldwide biggest Electric & Hybrid Mobility trade fair for connecting mobility markets.

2014/10/22 - 2014/10/23 Coventry, United Kingdom

Embedded Design Show

The Embedded Design Show will provide exhibitors and visitors with an opportunity to take part in an event aimed exclusively at electronic design engineers. ams breakthrough, single chip magnetic position sensing technology delivers best in
class accuracy at high rotation speeds. 

2014/10/29 - 2014/10/30 Austin, United States of America

Touch Gesture Motion Conference

For the past 5 years, IHS has produced a series of “Touch Gesture Motion” (TGM) events. While the name describes what the conference is all about, it turns out that the TGM acronym has been adopted widely throughout the industry to describe these future interfaces related to advanced interactive devices.

ams' speaker slot on Thursday, Oct 30

2014/11/04 - 2014/11/06 Paris, France

CARTES Secure Connexions Europe 2014

With over 20,000 visitors, CARTES Secure Connexions has a leading position on the market of secure solutions for payment, NFC, identification and mobility.

2014/11/06 Munich, Germany

Haus der Technik - Workshop

Thema: CO2-freie Stromerzeugung durch Abwärmenutzung

ams speaker slot @ 3pm

2014/11/11 - 2014/11/14 Germany

Electronica 2014

This is the world's leading trade fair for components, systems and applications. Meet decision-makers, developers and buyers. International trade fair with added value: The latest topics, trends and technologies - extensive range of services for a successful visit.

2014/11/18 - 2014/11/20 Germany

ID World

The Euro ID exhibition is the established meeting place for manufacturers, solution providers, distributors, system integrators, consultants and end-users of identification. As a part of the ID World Internation Congress ams has been named as the 2014 ID Award winner in the category of RFID Technologies & Applications. 

2014/11/25 - 2014/11/27 Germany

SPS Drive

SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation.

2014/12/11 - 2014/12/12 Nagoya, Japan


The largest Japanese technology exposition for automobile engineers where you will find the latest technology and products.